Safety, Style & Sophistication

Introducing a Truly Bright Idea



Outstanding Design, Quality & Functionality 

L’brella is the world's first Luxury umbrella with LED lights built in at the top and the bottom, illuminating any dark and dangerous situation. 

The product idea is so simple that this umbrella triggers a smile at first sight and raises the question: Why has this not been invented before? 


A Must-Have Product Because... Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall!

L’brella comes in a variety of colors, but each includes both the top and bottom LED lights for your safety and convenience.

The LED at the tip can be programmed for either a continuous light or a flashing light to notify drivers nearby of your presence. 

Even if it’s not raining, the L’brella flashlight allows you to see where you’re going during a dark night. It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries (included). 



L'brella's Users are Endless 

Personal, Gift, Corporate, Hospitality & Many More 


Let L'brella Be Your Light in the Storm